I was listening to an older episode of the B&B Podcast. Shawn Blanc typed something but I couldn’t hear the keys clicking. According to John Gruber’s 3 Keys to Internet Success, Shawn needs a clicky keyboard. How could Shawn be successful on a standard Apple keyboard? Looks like he is changing that.


The secret to my lack of success…

According to John Gruber on The Talk Show, the three keys to any [blog] success are: 1. Fussy coffee, 2. Clicky keyboard, 3. Soda stream and over carbonated water.

This explains why I am not successful as a blogger. I do not like coffee let alone fussy, I am not a typist & prefer a quieter keyboard, I do not like fuzzy water.

I an OK with this. Now I never have to worry about fungus on my shower shoes.